Binary options or binary option trading invloves predicting wether or not a value of a specific asset will go up or down in a fixed time period. By make a right prediction you can make a lot of money however if your prediction you have made is wrong you can lose a lot. The advantage of trading options is that if you are successful you can make 80% in returns compared to traditional stock trading which allows you to earn around 10% over a few months. The disadvantage is that its riskier and you can lose a lot if you dont put in the time and research different trading strategies and tips. If you are a beginner you need to research before you start taking risks with binary options, if you are based in the UK check out this UK binary option site and go through their learning center modules.

Once you have done your research and read some guides around binary options be sure you investigate all the brokers before you actually sign up and start trading. There are a lot of brokers out there that have a bad name in the community so the best thing to do is to visit forums and read reviews of each broker, make sure you sign up to a regulated one with a good reputation in the community. Last but not least it is advised to start off with trading small ammounts instead of burning money! This is way you will gain experience and not put your money at risk!