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Winning at the Roulette table!

Many people play online roulette by keeping a note of all the numbers that have come up in the previous games. However, the reality is that playing at online gambling at an online casino roulette and having a strategy, is just like making the biggest possible mistake and it should be avoided.

There’s a simple answer to this. When you play roulette, you are actually playing at all times, even at online casinos, under the control of the law of chance, where each number averages outs over time and applying gambling online roulette strategy creates an equal chance for each number dropping to appear. This ultimately leads, and this is even true of online casinos, for players to keep betting on the same number repeatedly! It is always with the hope that even if a number that has been missed 10,000 times, it will be a winner in the next game of roulette.

When you play at online casinos, with a  good online roulette strategy, you are doing nothing more than playing with profit and loss ratios. Such a thing may act as a blessing at one moment and a curse at another. When you think that you are going to win at roulette big, that is usually the time when you build up your greatest loss. A good and reccomended casino to try out is all british casino, read the review and sign up today for live roulette.

It has been observed that after winning at roulette a lot, it is tough for somebody to drag himself away from the roulette table. According to online gambling roulette strategy, if one continuously plays, winning will end up as losing. However, this time it’s hard for a winner because after winning they have a thirst for more money, which is unreasonable since at online casinos, things hardly work like that.

What are binary options?

Binary options or binary option trading invloves predicting wether or not a value of a specific asset will go up or down in a fixed time period. By make a right prediction you can make a lot of money however if your prediction you have made is wrong you can lose a lot. The advantage of trading options is that if you are successful you can make 80% in returns compared to traditional stock trading which allows you to earn around 10% over a few months. The disadvantage is that its riskier and you can lose a lot if you dont put in the time and research different trading strategies and tips. If you are a beginner you need to research before you start taking risks with binary options, if you are based in the UK check out this UK binary option site and go through their learning center modules.

Once you have done your research and read some guides around binary options be sure you investigate all the brokers before you actually sign up and start trading. There are a lot of brokers out there that have a bad name in the community so the best thing to do is to visit forums and read reviews of each broker, make sure you sign up to a regulated one with a good reputation in the community. Last but not least it is advised to start off with trading small ammounts instead of burning money! This is way you will gain experience and not put your money at risk!

5 Things to Consider When Deciding What Horse to Bet On

  1. Fitness

The physical fitness of a horse is paramount when deciding if you will bet in on it. Since it takes both training and competition to become fit, check out the last few races your horse has run in. The more recent these races have been, the more likely the horse is fit for the current race. If it’s been a while since the horse last raced, two months or more, than it is probably out of practice, and it will have a more difficult time making a comeback. You can still examine the morning training routines for your horse, however.


  1. Distance

Horses have different strengths when it comes to how well they do with distance. Most horses good at short distances are not good at long distances, and vice versa. Examine all the races your horse has participated in, and make sure you take a good look at the length of races that it does best in. You can’t expect a horse to do exceptionally well at something that it has not done exceptionally well at in the past, so always make sure your expectations are in line with the past distance history.


  1. Consistency

When betting on horses consistency is key. Research not only the horse’s record for the year, but also the record it has for over its lifetime. If the horse is inconsistent on either of these counts, then it is not a good horse to bet on. A good consistency to look for is a horse that has finished in the money for at least 50% of the races it has run in -any lower than this, then you can expect that the horse will not repeat strong performances. Poor consistency means that the horse is not good at what it does.


  1. Weight

It isn’t easy to determine how weight affects a horse’s ability to race, as a good, strong horse may weigh over a thousand pounds. Even ten pounds more on a horse is much less likely to slow it down than five pounds on a human, since their sizes are so different. However, weight becomes more important in longer races, when a horse with too much extra weight may tire more easily. Five pounds is about the right amount of weight that you should consider a factor in a horse’s ability to run. However, weight probably doesn’t make much of a difference in most situations.


  1. Trainer

The trainer of a horse is very important to consider. Some trainers are better than others, and the best can be worth a lot more money than the worst. They must be very knowledgeable, experienced, and be very organized to coordinate the stables, and have a very good report with the horse. A horse with a good trainer is way more likely to be a good racer than a horse with a bad or even mediocre trainer. It’s important to pay attention to trainers’ careers. If a trainer has past winners under their belt, it’s more likely that their current horse will also be a winner.



A Guide to having fun at an online casino

When you play at an online casino or at online casinos, you are involved in the benefits of online gambling. This means that you can wear what you want when you play at an online casino, play at any time of the day or night, and will not feel pressured as you might when not playing at an online casino but at a brick and mortar casino.

Another true advantage of online casinos is that when you are playing at an online casino, you don’t have to keep up the pace. You can play at online gambling and play at your own pace. So that means that all that is left is to learn about playing at online gambling at an online casino and than to settle back and to have fun.

There are many, many online casinos to choose from. So when you choose an online casino you need to have a feeling for what you like best. Is it slots, is it board games. Check at the graphics at an online casino and then check to see how the casino is rated by web sites that rate online casinos. Be careful to note if they have good customer service and someone to talk with if you have a problem with online gambling.

Always check out the online casinos to find the best online casino with regard to bonuses that are being offered. Look for a good bonus that will give you an advantage when playing at an online casino, an advantage over the house, that may just make play at online gambling all that much more fun.

A Review of Grand Parker Casino

Grand Parker Casino is a relative newcomer in the online casino business and is one of the few players in the industry that have achieved success and popularity within just a short period of time. After just a few months since its formal launch, Grand Parker Casino has demonstrated its competitive edge and established a reputation as one of the top-tier online casinos today. This was achieved through its diverse and exciting set of game offerings and amazing collection of promotions giving other online casino operators a run for their money.

In order to keep in step with the more established players in the online gaming business, Grand Parker Casino – which is owned by Milore Limited, a Curacao-based online casino operator – made strategic moves to ensure that they establish a strong client base that is built on trust and reliability. The online casino has partnered with RealTime Gaming for its gaming software to ensure that it provides a set of game offerings which is intricately rendered up to the tiniest detail and boasts of top-end audio and cutting edge graphics.

Wagering Requirements, Promotions and Bonuses

The biggest winners in Grand Parker Casino are obviously the players that sign up and open an account with them. When it comes to their bonuses and promotions, the online casino goes the extra mile in giving their players a broad range of incentives that meet the varied circumstances and preferences of its players. Adhering to a winning tradition, Grand Parker provides slots players with a welcome bonus package with an aggregate amount of $8,000. This bonus is applied to the first 3 deposits of the slot player.

For the initial deposit and second deposit, the online casino extends a 250-percent match bonus each and for the third deposit of the player, the online casino will extend a 300-percent match bonus. Thus, the welcome bonus package is equivalent to 800 percent of the aggregate amount of the first 3 deposits of a player.

Those who are into table games such as online blackjack are given an exciting package of match bonuses when they sign up and open an account with Grand Parker Casino. This match bonus for table games are applied to the first 4 deposits of the player and the aggregate worth of the bonus is $5,000. Grand Parker Casino has a wagering requirement of 30 times and this means that you need to wager the bonus 30 times over before you can make a request for a withdrawal. The wagers made on slots, table games and keno do not count as part of the wagering requirements of the bonuses offered by the online casino.

Software & Games

The user interface of the online casino may come off as a bit of a damper for some players. As a player moves from the casinos home page, which is distinctly regal and upscale-looking, they are brought to an RTG front-end that looks outdated. Nonetheless, once you have gone past this part of your online casino experience, everything else is pretty impressive.

The game suite of Grand Parker boasts of an impressive line-up of RTG slots and table games, and once you have gone past the casino lobby of Grand Parker, the experience becomes remarkable and exciting. Nonetheless, one important thing that we need to note about this online casino is that it does not feature RTG’s progressive jackpots such as the Aztec’s Millions and the Jackpots Pinatas.

Running on RTG platform, Grand Parker Casino features more than 125 games. Coupled with the traditional slots, it also offers a decent collection of video slot games, plus the highly-regarded collection of RTG table games. The collection is comprised of blackjack games, both the traditional and several interesting variations of the table game, video poker, baccarat and a lot more.

Its collection of games may not be as extensive as the other online casinos on the block, but the diversity of its game offerings makes it a perfect representative of what we love most in casinos and this should be more than enough to match the varying tastes and preferences of players.

Banking and Customer Support

Grand Parker Casino offers a decent range of deposit options, which includes credit cards and several e-Wallets. For US-based players, banking can be done through MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, EcoCard, Union Pay and Wire Transfer. A major concern of players is the 10-day waiting period for the processing of withdrawal requests. Other comparable online casinos have a cycle of 2 business days for requests for withdrawals.

Players can get immediate customer support through Live Chat or calling the hotline of the online casino. Its support staff is available to address your issues and assist you with your concerns 24/7. This is definitely one of the strongest aspects of Grand Parker Casino.

Sun Vegas Online Casino Review

Sun Vegas Casinos evokes an elegant blend of the sun and the surf. It perfectly captures the excitement of the all too familiar Vegas setting and this is matched with a tropical sunny backdrop. It is packed with a lot of exciting and generous offerings, and you can find all the things that you would expect from a topnotch online casino at Sun Vegas Casino. It has a rich collection of casino games and other game offerings. The graphics, sound effects and the animation of the game offerings are all superb and they all work in providing you with the ambience and gaming experience that is truly Vegas.

Sun Vegas Casino is one of the flagship brands of Vegas Partner Lounge, considered as one of the major operators in the online gaming business. The network, with all of its ten brands being eCOGRA certified, is known for its uncompromising adherence to the highest standards of transparency and fair play.

Powered by the Microgaming software platform, Sun Vegas Casino features a user-friendly interface and its pages are exceeding creative but not to the point that they become cluttered and complicated. And since its game offerings are available in both flash and download version, online gaming enthusiasts will surely find it convenient to choose which option is most appropriate for their equipment. For instance, when you have access to a fast Internet connection, then you may opt to play the flash version of the games or you can choose the download version when you don’t have access to a speedy Internet connection.

Wagering Requirements, Promotions and Bonuses

Sun Vegas Casino has always been generous when it comes to its promotions and bonus offerings. New players are given Free-Play credits worth $2,500 and a special 150 percent no deposit bonus that comes with 100 free spins on the Break da Bank online slot game. Sun Vegas Casino also offers a 50 percent Match Bonus up to a maximum of $500 to high rollers for deposit transactions in excess of $1,000.

New players are given the opportunity to convert into real money all winnings in excess of the $2,500 play money which they get to wager in one hour and as long as they make a minimum of 100 bets. The minimum deposit requirement of the online casino is $40, which is required so that a player can transfer their winnings which are equivalent to more than a 200 percent bonus. The winnings can be cashed out by the player after complying with the 30 times play-through requirement. To qualify for this special bonus package, a new player is required to activate it within the first seven days from the time of opening of their account.

On top of these generous incentives, players who fail to cash in on their Free-Play credits are entitled to a 150 percent match bonus which can go as high as $100. Sun Vegas Casino also offers its players with reload bonuses and these can be claimed for all their succeeding deposit transactions. This incentive is in addition to the special bonus offers for players making deposits through preferred eCash systems and wire transfers, and this add-on bonus can be worth as much as $3,000 on a monthly basis.

Just like with the other online casinos, Sun Vegas Casino also rewards loyal members with a generous 4-step loyalty program and regular and consistent players at the casino are given a lot of perks and benefits that are released on a scaled basis. It is an exclusive loyalty lounge that is only available through a select number of online casinos and these include Sun Vegas Casino.

Software & Games

Sun Vegas Casino hosts an extensive suite of games and is one of the few sites powered by Microgaming that are open to US-based players. The online casino, which runs on the Microgaming Viper software platform, offers more than 550 games, and this extensive collection is coupled with a good set of progressives and multiplayer tournaments. On top of these game offerings and competitions, Sun Vegas Casino is regularly updating their suite with new games being added on a regular basis. Their new game offerings include roulette games, blackjack, slots, Bingo games, Dice games, Scratch games and other special games that are not normally available in brick and mortar casinos.

Sun Vegas Casino provides a safe and secure online gaming environment. It bears the seal of approval by eCOGRA, a material proof of transparency and fairness in its game offerings. The online casino also employs a cutting edge 128-bit SSL encryption of player’s data and information as well as the online monetary transactions of its members. This is the same security protocol used by banks and other financial institutions.

With a highly reliable and professional 24/7 customer support, you can expect a pleasant and trouble-free gaming experience at Sun Vegas Casino. Players can contact the support team via phone, live chat or email if they run into issues that need immediate attention and intervention by the support staff of the online casino.